1. How do I choose a Book set/Product according to the age of my child?

 Books in the Book sets have been grouped primarily based on age. Books that have a simple storyline, fewer words or sentences are grouped as suitable for 0-5 years age group. Likewise Books that have a slightly longer storyline or are message oriented are grouped as suitable for 5-10 years.

That said, all the Books that are listed here are handpicked and bound to be liked by kids.

2. Why are the regional language books made into Sets and not available for sale individually?     

We are a small Team operating from different places and in the current situation it is practically difficult for us to send customised orders of Books.· Most of the Books in the Sets (each book) are priced modestly and hence a book lover would always want to add more books into their cart. This may be confusing while choosing Books online when you don’t know exactly what to buy. So, we help you by making bundles of the books by combining a variety of Books based on Age.

3. How much do we  earn from this Business ?

This is more of a passionate enterprise and less of a business for us. Our endeavour is to make affordable Cultural Aids, Regional language Books, Unique Toys etc. accessible to children. There is a teeny-weeny margin that we earn from what we sell here.

 4. How are the Book sets priced?

 The Book sets are priced in a manner where the MRP of the Books in a set is considered and an amount covering the shipping, packing etc. is added to it. 

 5. How much time do you take to ship?

All orders usually gets shipped within 3-5 working days. So you can expect a delivery between 5-7 days.

 6. Returns

We take utmost care in packing and sending the Products. However, if any product gets damaged in transit, we are happy to replace them.