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Telugu Combo set for 0+ years

Telugu Combo set for 0+ years

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(1) Telugu Varnamala - One of a kind Telugu Alphabet Book to teach your child or learn it yourself.

The Unique features of this Book 

Simple stress free- two syllable supporting words for the Alphabets.

Words from daily life that a child often encounters.

Illustrations inspired from real life of a child.

English words with the corresponding sound.

English transliteration of the supporting words.

* Let’s be conscious that there are different stages in language development viz., Hearing, Speaking, Reading & Writing to make the process smooth and enjoyable for a child and not rush them.

* The Pictures corresponding to the letters and the English transliteration aim to make the introduction of sounds and identifying the letters interesting to a child. However, in order to memorize the sound and identify the Alphabet, the child should be consistently exposed to the alphabets alone without supporting pictures.

** This Book has hardbound cover pages and Non Tearable Papers **



(2) Books in this set can be read to kids aged 0 to 5 years specifically and by all children above 5 years, who love stories and Books.


Books in this set have short sentences, a small and interesting story line to keep up with the attention span of kids of this age


Books in this set are

1. హల్లో 


2. పాట


3. 9 నుండి 1 వరకు


4.  పైకి పైపైకి


5. ఆనంది ఆశ్చర్యం


6. మేకతో సావాసం


7. కొంటె కుక్క


8. తోక


9.తంగి ఎక్కడుంది ? 


  (3) Is it even possible to describe Peddabaalasiksha ? May be, we could equate it to an encyclopedia in Telugu.

పెద్ద బాల శిక్ష తరతరాలుగా వస్తున్న తెలుగువారి బాల సాహిత్య సంపద. 

This is a reference book that can be used by an adult while teaching or sharing about many things.

Compiled by Sishta Chandrasekhar

Published by Sahithi Prachuranalu

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